International Court of Justice  –

Abbreviations List

Abbreviations used on this website:

BVI – British Virgin Islands

ECB – European Central Bank

EP – European Parliament

EPBS – Earthstar Planet Battle Station

EU – European Union

FMCA – Financial Management Currencies Audits

FRB – Federal Reserve Bank

FRBD – Federal Reserve Board of Directors

FRRf – First Republic Registrar foundation

GMCA – The Global Master Cash Accounts

HCG – High Court of Geneva

HCO – Hight Court of Ohio

HSBC – Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

ICC – International Criminal Court

ICJ – International Court of Justice

IMPCC – Imperial Intergalactic Military Police Consortium

IPCC – International Police Consortium Corrigendum

LoN – League of Nations

NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization

PCIJ – Permanent Court of International Justice

SCO – Supreme Court of Ohio

SCUSA – Supreme Court of the United States of America

SICJ – Statute of the International Court of Justice

UCC (UCc) – Uniform Commercial code

UDCRF – Universal Digital Currency Reserve Foundation

UHFN – United Humanitarian Foundation of Nations

UHT (UHTf) – United Humanitarian Trust foundation

UN – United Nations

UNS – United Nations System

UNTC- United Nations Trusteeship Council

USA – United States of America

USFRBG – US Federal Reserve Board of Governors

UST – US Treasury Board

WBDG – World Bank Development Group

WBS – World Bank System