International Court of Justice  –

Digital Reserve

UDCRF – Universal Digital Currency Reserve Foundation

The New Fully Asset Backed Digital Currencies

The ICJ/ICC are presently involved in a re-distribution process of Historical Assets and Accounts for the betterment of humanity. We have sanctioned the Universal Digital Currency Reserve Foundation (UDCRF) as part of the new Digital Reserve for global and intergalactic currencies. Other main objective includes the signing off on global projects in the areas of provisions of food, water, energy and shelter for all peoples.

The Royal Imperial Sovereign & Senior Judges of the ICJ/ICC main purposes are with Accounting, Auditing and Redemption with Settlors Offices of THE WORLD BANK DEVELOPMENT GROUP (WBDG) and THE UNITED NATIONS SYSTEM (UNS).

The objective is to re-ratify, re-vamp and re-establish the original system of the courts’ houses, that were established in 1811 AD under which the original KING SOLOMON 1867 PERSIA TREASURE BANK BONDED ACCOUNTING AND AUDITING SYSTEM was established. All of the Heritage and Historical Accounts and antedescent iridescent Ancestral Assets are interlinked in the original mainframes… without which only chaos can prevail, as has been evidenced in the past two (2) decades, as seen with WWI and WWII.

The original system was usurped, re-structured, re-formulated and setup into the NEOPARTISAN GERMANIC FEDERATION OF 36 FORT KNOXS (also referred to as CHATTISGARH DOSSIER). Thus, the need for the courts has grown once again for re-ratifying the services charters for the IPCC-ICC-ICJ-PCIJ and interlinked networked Supreme Court and High Courts Tribunals.

With our partnership with The Digital Reserve and UDCRF, we have sanctioned four chosen Digital Currencies in various denominations. All currencies are tracking (not pegged) to the Euro (EUR) giving us the flexibility to track other currencies in times of financial crisis around the world. The coins being issued are as follows:

Revo (10 EUR), Deuro (100 EUR), Centum (1,000 EUR) and Milia (1,000,000 EUR)

UDCRF is in the various denominations available, so that we can allow all levels of people in poverty (the unbanked as they call them) to be accommodated and to allow microfinance to thrive to assist in lifting some three-billion people out of poverty and allowing them to participate in global recovery and prosperity. It also allows every level of trade and financing to take place from individuals to SME’s, from major corporations to traders, from banks to governments, and lastly for foundations such as the United Humanitarian Trust foundation (UHTf) to fund major projects globally without being hindered by anything and anyone.