Court Officers

ICJ Senior Sovereign Judges & Officers

For Validation of ICJ Senior Sovereign Judges, Paralegal Judges, Banking & Redemption Officers, Registrar, Notary Public, Banking Liaison Officers, and all International Diplomatic Relations Liaison Officers: go to the Contact Page or Email:

Please state the following within the email: which Court Officer you are enquiring about, which case or transaction you are referring to, what the general enquiry is about and in what context; and give us your name and contact information so we are aware who is making such enquiries about ICJ-ICC Judges & Officers.

Please use Corporate, Agency or Personal Letterhead when making such enquiries. Remember, you are making contact with a Sovereign Court.

Registrar and Notary Public

  • H.E. Kwadjo Amponsem (Notary & Registrar – FRRf)

Banking and Redemption

  • Mohammed Fayyaz Khan: (Senior Strategic Director)
  • (Sovereign Assets – Cash & Securities, Banking & Redemption)

Court Liaison Officer

  • H.E. Lord Sir Gahn: Miller – Representative

Global Legal Affairs Department

  • H.E. Lord Sir Robert Orville Thomas Regester (Head of Legal Affairs)

International Diplomatic Relations Liaison Officers

  • Marcos Chivico
  • Robin Hernandez

International Project Liaison Officer

  • Andrew Brackin