International Court of Justice  –


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there so many ICJ websites? Are the other ICJ’s sites fake ones, and will they be closed down? [The ICJ sites complement each other and each serves a different audit and performance function. There are no fake ICJ websites and they will not be closed down. The ICJ websites conduct litigation and juridical work, national dispute resolution and interbank settlements. Of these, the (also is the site that concentrates on conducting legal and financial historical assets and bank funds Redemption.]

What is the difference between this ICJ/ICC and the one in The Hague, the Netherlands? Which is real? [They are both one and the same group. The Hague conducts In-House Court Trials and proceedings while the ICJ/ICC conglomerate focus on core functions which includes Supreme Courts and High Courts arbitration and handles various civil and financial criminal cases.]

Why is there two ICJ/ICC? [There is not two ICJ/ICC, there is only one. They are institutional departments which have different functions.]

When was this original ICJ started? [Since the late 17th Century and then from the middle 18th Century. It was again re-started after the World War II.]

How is the ICJ running so many departments such as the UN and Federal Reserve System? [The ICJ does not run these departments. They are all independent bodies that work closely with the ICJ/ICC. Since the UN is a governmental institution for all the different nations, the ICJ and the ICC conduct ceremonial interdepartmental proceedings as well as co-manage many litigation and inter-government politburo cases which includes high profile crime and financial fraud committed across borders.]

What legal power does the ICJ have over the Official Departments such as UN, etc? [The ICJ is the Apex Court, the World Court for the United Nations, wherein the International Court of Justice, which has the highest power and sovereignty ordained by the Almighty Aphelion Board of Taxonomic Advisors, by the Sovereign Imperial Royal Consortium of Royal Families and from the United Nations and the World Bank Development Group among others. The United Nation was part of the collective of nations started by G7 countries but later added more nations into it. However; when it comes to dispute between the government of different countries especially regarding assets and property, industry and international security, where do you go to? To the ICJ and or the ICC, depending on the necessities and requirements.]

Does the ICJ have the ability to arrest and charge serious criminals anywhere? [Yes]

Can the ICJ Special Forces Agents arrest criminals in any country? [Yes]

Can criminals hide behind Diplomatic Immunity even though they are guilty of crimes? [Yes, and it is observed frequently that to prosecute such cases requires special branches of the International Police Force and/or Paramilitary Force, depending on the subject and the severity of their crimes.]

Is the ICJ mainly about Financial Crimes such as Corruption and Fraud? [No not really. The ICJ is the Global International Jurisdiction Appellate Intracourt Interbank Bureau System of Courts for the preservation of peace, maintenance of law and order, for providing suitable arbitral in-house in-court and out-of-the-court lawful, legal dispute resolution, paralegal ministerial, corporate and private clients’ technical redemption and financial settlements. The ICJ system of courts offers prudent solutions to juridical needs for paralegal justice worldwide and support the development of various intraboard intracourts development and maintenance worldwide which also includes enhancing the performances of Supreme Courts, High Courts and Judicial Tribunals with the provision of statutory international laws as needed by nations in their abiding of the World Trade Organization charters.]

Where is the Head Quarters for the ICJ/ICC now it is being re-engineered to take on a greater role in world affairs? [The prevailing HQ is still The Hague, but it is subjective to the needs of the nations where the ICJ needs to be established in a larger systematic manner. The ICJ can have many offices worldwide and thus any one of those offices depending on the work scope can become the Head Quarters.]

Will the newly re-engineered ICJ/ICC really prosecute and jail these serious criminals? [Yes, but we sentence the criminal to jail in their local countries with the cooperation of the local police forces.]

Can the world and its people now have hope that things are really changing for good? [Well… this question is too general to get a specific answer; the answer ultimately lies on the government of the day.]

Will the ICJ/ICC have an Office and Agents in every country in the world or most territorial regions? [Yes, eventually.]

Will the various Special Forces have the ability globally to be effective? [Yes, they will work with the Paramilitary High Commands globally, with Interpol and various police departments in each country to undertake law enforcement work against serious criminal and anti-socials and genocidal groups.]

Can Whistle-blowers put forward names and files to the ICJ/ICC for investigation? [Yes.]

Will Whistle-blowers be protected by the ICJ/ICC from being attacked for telling truth? [Yes]

Will the ICJ/ICC work with organizations such as Wikileaks and Julian Assange? [Yes, anything to get the truth of the matter out.]

Will the ICJ/ICC look into the case and treatment of Julian Assange and Wikileaks? [If it is brought up to ICJ, yes, we will look into it.]

Will the world be free of corruption and fraud and will bankers go to jail for their crimes? [As long as the seed of corruption is taken out, yes, then it is possible. For this, specialist international commissions against corruption bureaus must be established all over to have an outreach program.]