International Court of Justice  –

Special Forces

Law and Enforcement Badges

Judge:  Justice – Humanity – Peace

Deals with legal and financial historical assets and bank funds redemption.

Special Forces – Justice Without Borders 

An independent organization that enforces just compensation, across international borders.

UN-Adjunct Paralegal

United Nations Special Legal Assistants, Investigators and Researchers.

Fed.Bortis: Sovereign Board of Governors

International Federal Fighting Forces under the Sovereign Board of Governors.


Paramilitary Commandants

Training Officers in charge of International Military Groups or Forces.

Military-Police Commanders

Law Enforcement Officers connected with, or part of, specific Military Groups.

Marshal Pravostha (Financial Task Force)

Officer in charge of Financial Task Force and other Military Police (MP)

Marshals (Paramilitary Civilian Services)

Officers of the highest rank in the armed forces of some countries.

Magistracy Prefects (Full Service Magistrates)

Officer of Magisterial Administration in Prefecture Departments.