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Uniform Commercial code (UCc)

The ICJ/ICC also recognizes the use of the UCc as Private International Commercial law pertaining to governments, quazi-government agencies, regulators, banks, institutions, corporations as well as private and public individuals.

Since the Geneva Convention of 1930 AD, the use of statutory and legislative law is currently under suspension due to the bankruptcy provisions of said UCc, article 1. Thus, no commercial entity (such as the types listed in the paragraph above) has legal right to enforce any claims against living men and women, since they are operating under UCc bankruptcy provisions only. In other words, in any given court-claim the real party of interest is never revealed – only their bankrupt commercial quazi-representative are named on court documents. The real party of interest in any given claim (from the County Courts leading up to the High Courts) can only be the secret creditors of the international global bankruptcy, of which some 214+ countries and their registered citizens are in deficit. These creditors are known by the ICJ/ICC to be the main share-holders of the World’s Top 12 Banks. 

The 12 richest families and their banks include: Rothschild [Barclays – largest in the world], Rockefeller [National Westminster {NatWest – not Chase Manhattan as presumed} – no American bank is top twelve as Citibank is not controlled by Americans any longer], Warburg [SBC Warburg], Lord [HSBC], Brown-Harriman [Citibank – Bush], Bundy [Credit Suisse], Vanderbilt [a French bank?], Goldman-Sachs [Goldman-Sachs], Israel-Ferrez [a French bank?], Lehman Bros. [Lehman Bros.], Aldrich [a French bank?], and Bilderberg [Credit Lyonnais – Clinton]). Ref:

The UCc, therefore, is the only body of commercial law that allows bankrupt entities to operate, and for a limited period only. It is in the interest of the ICJ/ICC to setup, provide and execute programs for Redemption – not just for the arrest and imprisonment of government and banking criminals, but also to provided immunity and protection for those that are negatively affected by the latter.