International Court of Justice  –


Who are the Sovereign ICJ & ICC


The SICJ (Sovereign International Court of Justice) and the SICC (Sovereign International Criminal Court), here as, are about the re-ratifying, re-vamping and re-establishing the original courts’ houses, as it were in 1811 AD, before its demise began in 1877. Under our new Services Charters for the icjglobal, icj-icc, icj-cij and ipcc-icc (intracourts system) and interlinked networked Supreme Court and High Courts Tribunals we are set to correct, restore and bring balance to all banking systems (private and public, including on-ledger and off-ledger journals) through processes of Accounting, Auditing and Redemption within our Settlors Offices.

The aperture planned covert rampant and stealing of the Royal Court files, ancestral assets and cash funds data, which eventually led to the gruesome tragic World War I (WW1) and World War II (WW2). After the World War I (WW1), and after the troublesome QINGHAI REVOLUTION in what is now the Mainland China, the remediation of the original KING SOLOMON 1867 PERSIA TREASURE BANK BONDED ACCOUNTING AND AUDITING SYSTEM and its original contributing parties took place. And, there was also the creation and establishment of THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS on this Planet Earth in 1919.

The Permanent Court of International Justice (PCIJ) which ensured Bilateral Ties were maintained for continuation of all 1871 AD Treaties which had temporarily stopped operations in 1917 AD at the height of the WORLD WAR I (WW1) in order to assure its paperwork in service for the original LEAGUE OF NATIONS (LoN), under its original Charter for Service was re-started in 1922. During this time, the original 1811 AD established Apex Court IPCC ICJ-GLOBAL SYSTEM, THE PERMANENT COURT OF INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE (PCIJ), THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT (ICC) and THE INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE (ICJ), the Tripartite Treaties Bipartisan WORLD BANK DEVELOPMENT GROUP (WBDG) and the UNITED NATIONS SYSTEM (UNS) continued its operations up until 1941 AD and during the height of the WORLD WAR II (WW2), all these operations were stopped, temporarily.

Therefore, after the WORLD WAR II (WW2), the UNIPLEX FORTIS GRAVIOLIS 36-FORT KNOXS ably supported UNITED NATIONS (UN) was RE-STARTED which eventually amalgamated and replaced the original senatorial managed LEAGUE OF NATIONS (LoN) with the aim of ending wars among nations thereby re-establishing a mechanism for maintaining foreign affairs for the nations.

The Present

The time has once again arrived for the original 1811 banking and intracourts system to be re-established, albeit upgraded with the most current and advanced computers, banking and accounting systems. We, Senior Judges of the ICJ/ICC/IPCC Conglomerate, who represent the original 1811 systems, are presently involved in a re-distribution process of Historical Assets and Accounts for the betterment of humanity. We have sanctioned and authorised the Universal Digital Currency Reserve Foundation (UDCRF) as part of the new Digital Reserve for global and intergalactic currencies. Other main objectives include the signing off on global projects in the areas of provisions of food, water, energy and shelter for all peoples.

The Future

The Future of the ICJ/ICC/IPCC Conglomerate is in a World where there is a Paradigm Shift in peoples’ awareness of all things positive, where Justice is truly very real as the ICJ continues to fight corruption in the system and the people start to believe in a positive future for Humanity. A future World where major projects begin to change the landscape of the planet, and more people start to benefit from the redistribution of wealth from the 1% to the 99% making for a more equitable World. More criminal bankers, politicians and war criminals will be brought to justice making countries and their people regain faith in their Law and Legal Systems. We encourage more Humanitarian entities supported by the ICJ, to begin to have a positive effect on global matters such as food, energy and water as well as property and shelter for the poverty stricken areas of the Earth. The ICJ and ICC will stand resolute to protect people and their Nations to make sure that Humanity do not just survive but thrive.